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Do you support the voting plugin?
  • Do you support the voting plugin and how would it look like?
  • I just bought it. So the voting plugin is not properly displayed. On the left side you have the vote button and it will overlap to the categorie links.
    Then there is one more problem. On the discussion site, the views and comments icons are still the same as in the standard theme, they don't look like on here.
  • Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'll do some additional testing and see if I can come up with a fix.
    Silicon Theme Creator
  • I have one more suggestion to make, if you appreciate the feedback. The very TopLeft menu with the elements Discussions, Categories and Activity doesn't look to be on the right place and in the right shape. So why not giving each element an icon and shift it the the very Left and display it like a dock in a darker background with light grey colored icons.
    Then the font size of a post could be one two to sizes bigger, but else great and simply design. I like your work!
  • Anything new or update so far?
  • The voting plugin can be a real pain to work with, but short of modifying the plugin itself, I think I've done just about everything that can be done. How does it look? The discussion listing meta seems a bit crowded what with all the votes and follows and what-not, but at least it looks the same as the original styling. Haven't been able to test it in other browsers though.